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If you want to purchase or distribute an electric skateboard, there are some things you need to consider and investigate. You must decide your primary reason as to buying an electric skateboard. It does not matter whether it is for pleasure, commute or even just from point A to B travel – This electric cruiser is your best berth.
The SP-350 is one of our three in one series. This cool gear can skate at 15km per charge. The SP-350 was designed for teenagers. It is one of the fastest selling CITYWALKER Series currently.
We also have another electric skateboard such as SP-850 and SP-851. These power beats were designed for Adults, with a dashing speed of 30km per charge. You can be sure you are in for one special ride.
Packed with a powerful Panasonic 18650 battery, SP 350 from the stables of SIPOLE Industrial trade Co. ltd is the new deal in the world of Skateboards.
Built for teens, with a range of exciting features such as:

  • Hub Motor, 600w Brushless DC Motor;
  • Maximum Speed of 15km per hour (which is adjustable);
  • Slick Remote Control
  • Mobile Application
  • In Compliance with CE, MSDS, RoHs Testing Standards

With these set of listed features, we believe the Electric Fishboard is the perfect product to develop and expand your current market. What else do you benefit from placing an order?

• A professional sales action will follow your order;
• Provision of free printing for the deck pattern
• Available spare parts at your beck and call
• Support and first time information for new products

If you seek more details about this skateboard, you may also find and check the specification as following:


  • Max Speed 25km/h (adjustable)
  • Travel distance: 15 OR 20 KM
  • 83X52MM wheels with ABEC-9 bearing
  • Pattern on Deck can be customized
  • Electric brakes
  • Remote Control
  • Mobile APP
Size for longboard: 936 X 224MM

Size for wheels: 83X52MM / ABEC-9 Bearings

Waterproof IP54

Battery  Panasonic / Samsung 6.6A/36V
Motor  300W OR 600W / Brushless Hub Motor
PCB / Core Process  Designed by Japanese Company, quality stability
Deck  Original Canadian maple wood/936 X 224MM (28inches)
Wheels  70X51MM – High Quality PU – 78A hardness / ABEC-9 bearing
Wireless Remote Controller  charge ~2 hrs / Li-on Battery
Weight  6.5kgs
Max Speed(adjustable)  15~20km/h
Travel Distance  15km per charge
Rechargeable Times  more than 1000 times
Mobile App support  Yes
Max Load  120kgs
Packing Size   1 pc/carton, 76 X 28 X 17cm
Packing Weight   1 pc/carton, 6.5kgs
OEM Order   Available

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