Project Description


Citywalker series include both Electric Kick Scooters and Electric Skateboards at the moment. This Electric longboard was designed by SIPOLE D&P work team and will use to outdoor sports and short distance driving.


  • Magnetic encoder motor, Dual Drive
  • Max speed 25km/h(adjustable)
  • Remote Control
  • Mobile APP


  • Max Speed 25km/h (adjustable)
  • Travel distance: 15 OR 20 KM
  • 83X52MM wheels with ABEC-9 bearing
  • Pattern on Deck can be customized
  • Electric brakes
  • Remote Control
  • Mobile APP
Size for longboard: 936 X 224MM

Size for wheels: 83X52MM / ABEC-9 Bearings

Waterproof IP54

Battery Panasonic / LG / Samsung
Motor  600W/36V Hub Motor / Rear Dual Drive
Max Range  15 OR 20km
Max Speed Up to 25km/h
Charge Time ~3hours
Safe Weight Limit 100kgs
Size 936 X 224MM
Wheels 83X52MM / ABEC-9Bearings
Weight 6.9kgs
Remote Available Yes
Mobile APP support Yes

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