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The #SP-851 Electric Skateboard brings you a perfect blend of the traditional skateboard build with state of the art electronics that was designed and built to give you the very best riding experience there is. Made of original Canadian maple wood deck, the SP-851 is very responsive, agile and delivers enough energy that allows you go beyond the limits you thought existed; the decks are customizable if you feel the need to stand out while you ride in style.

With the 83X52MM wheels and ABEC-9 Bearings, turning, riding and bump climbing is seamless on virtually every terrain. The electric brake system further enhances the handling of the board, enabling a more confident stop, turn or decent from hills and steep landscapes.

Panasonic 18650 battery that meets EN and MSDS standards supply more than enough power allowing the rider reach a maximum of 25km/hr. The speed is still adjustable, depending on the rider’s preference and level of expertise. It is always advised that beginners should start at more comfortable speeds before finally getting to the max speed.

With particular attention paid to additional functionalities, the #SP-851 comes with an 800W External Brushless Magnetic encoder motor, a remote control and a mobile App. All these come together in making the #SP-851 Electric skateboard not just a skateboard, but the future of urban transportation.


Battery  Panasonic / Samsung 6.6A/36V
Motor  800W / Brushless Magnetic encoder Motor
PCB / Core Process  Designed by Japanese Company, quality stability
Deck  Original Canadian maple wood/936 X 224mm(39inches)
Wheels  83X52MM – High Quality PU – 78A hardness / ABEC-9 bearing
Wireless Remote Controller  charge ~2 hrs / Li-on Battery
Weight  6.5kgs
Max Speed(adjustable)  25~30km/h
Travel Distance  30km per charge
Rechargeable Times  more than 1000 times
Mobile App support  Yes
Max Load  120kgs
Packing Size   1 pc/carton,108 X 31 X 15cm
Packing Weight   1 pc/carton, 7.5kgs
OEM Order   Available

Download the Specification for this skateboards

This PDF includes all details about this electric longboard. click following image to download this file:

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